IB Loyalty Program
Earn up to $11 for FX
Major and $20 for Gold
  • Open to all IBs
  • Earn generous rebates based on lot volume.
  • Four product categories with increasing rebate levels
  • IB Status determined by clients' total volumes traded
  • Different group types mean higher potential earnings
Rebate Scheme based on Monthly total Lots traded

Claim your rebates and accumulate rewards on every lot.
The more you trade, the more you earn!
*Please check Terms and Conditions for more details
WHY become an IB @ GKFX Prime
Earn substantial rebates,
with the potential to
receive up to $40 per trading lot.
Competitive Rebates
Benefit from dedicated account managers and round-the-clock customer support.
Personalized Support
Rest assured knowing that we adhere to strict regulatory standards,ensuring a secure trading environment.
Access real-time tracking
and reporting to monitor
your earnings and performance.
Transparent Tracking
Every trade made by your
clients will increase
your monthly earnings.
Access a wealth of marketing
materials and resources to
help you grow your client base.
Marketing Resources
Increased Revenue
Regulatory Compliance
Explore the INRUSD
The INRUSD currency pair is now available.

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